What We offer

At True View Security Solutions, we offer a variety of access control solutions and devices that fit every business's needs. Utilizing keycode/keycard, proximity, and biometric fingerprint and retina scanners, audio and video intercom systems, we provide greater access control of your site allowing security and management to track entry/exits, log employee arrival/departure times, and protect against unwanted and unauthorized visitors and/or intruders. Many of our systems also allow management and ownership to view and make changes to their access control system remotely from any location, eliminating the need to be on-site to make important, time-sensitive changes in case of an emergency. Scalable to any business size or structure, we offer limitless custom solutions for all of our clients.

We also offer a full line of versatile audio and video intercom systems that enable business owners and management to create a safe environment for employees and customers by securing all buildings, campuses, and parking structures. With our systems, you can keep doors locked and identify visitors before authorizing them entry into your facility. In addition to entry security, our intercoms provide internal communication and paging notifications when desired.

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